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About me

I started my professional journey as a car mechanic, working for various companies from gearbox and engine specialties to prestigious dealerships like Mercedes and Mazda.

Music has been a constant companion throughout my life, from the early days of writing songs in the car with my dad to playing DJ and composer games. I became a singer-songwriter/ cover artist and I joined a band performing at local bars, festivals, and weddings. Now, from the comfort of my home studio, I'm fully immersed in the craft of composing and sound design, creating music/soundscapes for artists, and working with companies like the National Centre for Circus Arts.

Beyond music, my creative endeavors extend to crafting, inspired by childhood days with Meccano to creating everything from whittled spoons to electronic stomp boxes in my late teens. Eager to expand my horizons and using my experience from my past trade, I pursued a degree in 3D design at Plymouth University focusing heavily on work that promotes positive well-being. Today, I co-run a company called the Working Boys Club with my twin brother, combining our passion for craft and music. With our project Serving Sounds and with the help of Activate (our producing company) We have played all over the UK & and Europe including festivals like Glastonbury and Spiro Ireland.

I'm thrilled to share that I'm offering my services as both a composer and craftsman. 

If you wish to find out more about my other company or the producers that I work with please check out these links

Here's a lil interview I did for Activate if you wish to find out more Spotlight: Adam Dupree - Activate (

Organizations I have collaborated with

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